Donald Mineral Sands Project

Victoria, Australia

The Donald Mineral Sands project represents an important new source of global supply at a time of robust demand and challenged supply, with the maturing of established production sources and a lack of quality, well advanced new projects. Donald represents a Tier One deposit in terms of scale, potential production longevity; an anticipated mine life of at least 40 years, and the value of mineral assemblage, notably the zircon content.

Project Overview

The Donald Mineral Sands project has a total Mineral Resource of 5.7 billion tonnes of ore, at an average heavy mineral (HM) grade of 3.2% and consists of two deposits, Donald and Jackson. Within the Donald deposit area, there are Ore Reserves of 602 million tonnes (mt) of ore, with an average HM grade of 4.8%. This equates to an approximate, in-situ ore body of 28.9mt of heavy minerals, comprised of 5.4mt of zircon, 9.2mt of ilmenite, 8mt of higher titanium content products of rutile and leucoxene, as well as a significant rare earth element component of 491 thousand tonnes.

Donald Mineral Sands Location


The Donald Mineral Sands project is located in regional Victoria and encompasses a total tenement area of 426km2. The area is mainly cleared land, used for cropping and grazing and is located close to infrastructure. 

production of zircon


The Donald and Jackson deposits are WIM style heavy mineral sands accumulations. Donald will represent the one of the first commercial developments of such a deposit, and is amenable to a staged, long life mining operation.

Evaluation & De-Risking

Evaluation & De-Risking

The Donald Mineral Sands project has been subject to detailed evaluation over many years, with all main regulatory approvals completed or well advanced.

Ore Reserves & Mineral Resources

Ore Reserves & Mineral Resources

The Donald MIneral Sands project is a globally significant, Tier 1 source of mineral sands, with a material in-situ titanium dioxide and zircon content, plus a significant rare earth element.

Staged Development Approach

Key Activities

Donald Mineral Sands project

Updated Ore Reserve and Mineral Resource Statement – announced February 2021

Metallurgical test work for mineral separation of heavy mineral concentrate – announced February 2021

Establishment of a Community Reference Group and completion of community update sessions

Completion of air and noise studies and rehabilitation planning, leading to work plan submission

Revised capital and operational expenditure estimates

Definitive feasibility study completion

Project funding, expected to include a combination of equity, debt and off-take agreements

Detailed engineering and project optimisation with identification and procurement of long lead items 

Project work plan approval and commencement of construction

Ilmenite ore and filter press with spirals banks in the background

Ore Reserves & Mineral Resources

Mining, Concentrating, Processing & Rehabilitation

Mineral sands mining involves four main stages: mining, wet concentration, dry separation and rehabilitation. Mining can be performed either by dry mining methods (employing scrapers, dozers and excavators, typical for dunal deposits) or a wet mining process (employing floating dredges, typical for large unconsolidated deposits).

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