Astron – experienced participant in the global mineral sands sector
Mineral sands – a wide array of uses
Donald – a significant new source of global supply
Astron – committed to the highest sustainability principles and practices

Astron — a mineral sands mining and production company.

Astron aims to develop long-term, sustainable value for shareholders and other stakeholders by establishing itself as a leading mineral sands mining, concentrating and production company. The company is at a key juncture with the opportunity to bring into production the major, long-life Donald Mineral Sands project – a globally significant new source of zircon and titanium dioxide supply, as well as a valuable rare earth production stream.

Donald Mineral Sands Map

Donald Mineral Sands Project

The Donald project, located in regional Victoria, represents a material new source of supply, particularly of zircon, at a stage when global supply is challenged by the maturing of established production sources and a dearth of quality, or well-advanced new projects. Donald is unique in terms of new mineral sands production sources, given its advanced stage of evaluation and regulatory approvals and potential longevity of production (at least 40 years) and relatively high zircon assemblage.

Key Activities – Donald Project

Astron is working to bring the Donald Mineral Sands project to a development approval stage.

Astron Community

Our Community

Astron’s commitment is to maintain the highest level of environmental performance and contribute in a broad and sustainable manner to the well-being of the communities where it operates.


Astron brings a deep mineral sands industry knowledge and extensive industry experience based on over 30 years of involvement in marketing, distribution and in a range of downstream processing and technology sectors. Astron maintains a deep involvement in the Chinese market.

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